Thursday, January 17, 2008

EDM 77 - Draw something cold

Over the Christmas season I saw a lot of cards, wrappings, snow globes, etc. with snowmen on/in them. I had been wanting to paint a winter scene and try to capture the white snow and the deep shadows that fall in the late afternoon. I also wanted to try a landscape and try to make the background look far away and fading into the distance. I had been using indigo and absolutely love the color and the versatility of it. I thought it would be the right color to try and show the white of the snow and the shadows across it, as well as fading the background. And just for fun, add the snowman for a touch of color. I kind of like this, I like the way the indigo gives the look and feel of cold, crisp weather. Loooove this color!
I have spent the last two days in a very intense pre-retirement planning course. And yay! I actually can retire in this lifetime. What a relief! I'm pretty sure I can also afford to buy watercolor paint and paper when I retire, too. Yep, life is good.


Roshanda said...

When I look at this, I get a warm feeling! Great painting!!

Unknown said...

Your snowman looks great! We had snow here yesterday n Atlanta which is rare, but it was soft and pliable enough to make snowballs lol

dibujandoarte said...

how cute!! i really like it.

John Dyhouse said...

Hi, really enjoyed your sketches - especially the snowman

Anetka said...

I love this work. Perfect Winter Postcard:)
If it comes to retirement...well, still way to go:)
But hey, life is good as long as I've got my sketchbooks pens and paints:)

EWian said...

Sweet, lovely scarf.