Sunday, February 27, 2011

EDM 307 - Draw something raw

I started this drawing last summer, when I brought home my latest coup from the Farmers' Market.  I loved that Market, and the highlight of my week was going there on Friday mornings and wandering through the bounty of gorgeous vegetables and fruit. But I had to break up with them.  They became less and less of a "farmers" market and more of a boutique type of market that sold trendy mustards and upscale teas.  But I stuck with them to support the local farmers.  Then they lost their lease in the center of town and moved to the far southeast corner of the city where both of the other farmers' markers also are.  The final blow (and what led to the actual breakup) was that they didn't invite a lot of the local farmers to have space there, deciding instead to go with the imported boutique type shops.  That's unforgivable and they should forfeit the right to call themselves the "Farmers' Market" since very few of the vendors are selling locally grown produce or even locally made products.  A few of the disenfranchised farmers set up a make-shift market in the parking lot of the casino, and I'll go there to support them if they are allowed to continue outside of the umbrella of the "official" market.  Sad but true.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sparrow Cafe

These cheerful, resourceful, little sparrows hang around the bird feeder in the back yard. It's a small, enclosed space. The big birds don't come around, so the little ones have taken over. Sparrows and chickadees, mostly, with a few nuthatches. Occasionally, a family of Grey Partridge shows up.
The other day we noticed that the large white rabbit, the model for the previous post on the Year of the Rabbit, was also back there.  It was eating the corn that is too big for the little birds to eat.  Nice how they all share. The good news that the rabbit had to share was that its ears are turning from white to brown.  That means spring is just around the corner!  That's welcome news.  The sparrows were all gossipy about it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit, which will usher in a year of peace and moderation.  It will be a chance to rest and catch up after the tumultuous Year of the Tiger.
Last year was quite a rollercoaster with lots of unrest in many areas of the world - rioting in Europe and clashes in the Middle East.  Floods, hurricanes, avalanches, and volcano eruptions proved that even the weather was in discord.
So welcome to the Rabbit.  The world could use a return to manners, civility and good taste.
I wish you all the best in this year.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

A bit of sunshine

My beloved bought me these beautiful miniature daffodils as a way to banish some of the winter doldrums.

They did  make me smile and feel that maybe the cold weather and snow will end, maybe the sun will shine again, maybe the breezes will be warm and pleasant again.

Many years ago, I heard an interview with a woman who lived in northern Scotland where it got cold and dark early.  She said they coped with it by "Drawing the drapes against the dark, lighting a fire against the cold, and having a wee dram to warm the heart".

I have daffodils and a shot of Kahlua in my coffee.  Yeah, that's better!