Thursday, November 26, 2009

EDM 250 _ Something for free

Who doesn't love a fresh box of markers? These crayolas were given to me, for free, by someone at work who had a leftover box from a workshop she conducted. She gave them to me, because she knew I would give them a good home, and allow them to fulfill their destiny by being used rather than simply drying up. So of course, I did just that for this challenge. Because every day can be made a bit better by scribbling with bright, cheerful colors. There is nothing shy or retiring about markers!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

EDM 249 - Draw a coffeepot

My new coffee pot, I mean coffee maker, is actually potless. The coffee is made inside the top part. When it's done, the machine beeps discreetly. Then you place your favorite coffee mug on the little ledge, and push the grey bar. The coffee fills the cup. It's pretty good because the coffee never sits directly on a heat source, so it never gets that nasty burnt taste and odd greyish color that is so very unappetizing. The only downside is that the tall travel mugs don't fit in it. Best of all, it can be programmed to turn itself off (or on) after however many hours you choose to set it.
Technical details: watercolor pencils in the Moleskine sketchbook.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fruit - how do I love thee?

This is from a photo provided by the Monthly Sketch Project. Fruit again - how could I resist drawing that especially with my new dip pen nibs. Then I spilled water on it and the paper wrinkled quite badly. But--- good to know the ink is waterproof. I added color with watercolor pencils. I like the bright cheerful colors that the wc pencils create.

Monthly Sketch Project is here

Sunday, November 15, 2009

EDM 248 - Draw a lock

This is my combination lock hanging on my favorite locker at the rec center while I am in the pool. There's not much to say about this lock except that it's a very pretty blue and has an odd clear silicone cover. The sketch uses my Sharpie pen (the new kind that's guaranteed not to "halo" in a few years), my fabulous Pentel brushpens, and my new white gel pen, which worked really well over the black brushpen.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day

In remembrance of all those killed in world wars.

And a special remembrance for the 133 Canadian soldiers who were killed in the struggle to bring democracy to Afghanistan.

Monday, November 09, 2009

EDM 247 - Draw something creepy

My definition of creepy is coming home to my Mexican vacation hotel, and finding a huge black slug on the bathroom floor. The bathroom was beautiful, completely white. There were no windows only the wooden shutter high up on the wall. And there was absolutely nothing with which I could scoop up and carry out my unwanted visitor. No brochures, coffee filters, paper doilies - nothing. So I turned on the light and closed the door, thinking that the slug would crawl back up the wall and go outside. As I was drifting off, it suddenly occured to me that the slug would crawl toward the nearest dark place which was where I was! I leaped out of bed, opened the door, and there it was crawling under the door into the bedroom. Finally I rummaged around in the luggage, and found the paper envelopes that held our boarding passes and after several futile tries scooped the big guy up and carried him outside. He put up quite a fight, and I was thoroughly creeped out by the whole thing.
Micron pen and Pentel brushpens in Moleskine journal.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

October sketch project

I did this for the monthly sketch project for October. The photo (taken by Leslie) was lovely, and that rich background really caught my attention. My favorite things to draw and paint are fruits and vegetables. The problem with drawing fruits and vegs is that I rarely have a story to go along with them. I didn't finish on time - due to lots of out of town travel, but I wanted to do it anyways.
Its watercolors on 90 lib block paper. The background color is one of my favorite darks - a mixture of indigo and veridian - done in several rich, juicy layers. The veridian lifts off when it"s wet so it requires quick work and not much messing around with it. It leaves you with interesting patterns and blooms. And that to me, is what makes watercolors so much fun. The results can be unpredictable and very beautiful.
You can see the rest of the monthly sketch projects here: