Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Tiding Revisited

I've posted before about the magpie triplets that were born in my backyard last summer.  They're still here, and still as brash and bossy as ever. They are endlessly entertaining and fascinating to me.  I have tried to draw them several times, and have not had much success.  I can't get the shape of their beak right especially when open. My original idea (you know, the perfect sketch in my head) was to have all 3 of them on the branch all with their mouths wide open, trying to out-shreik each other. That's how I usually saw them.  But try as I might, I cannot manage to get all three of them on the page. But this time, I think the beaks are shaped better. As I create this post, they are in the back yard on the tree branch exactly like this. But they are never still enough to actually draw them. Even in the dreary midwinter, they are still a joy to watch.
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Watercolot on Canson paper