Sunday, April 10, 2011

East Gate

The university that I work at is celebrating its 100 anniversary. In the library, we have a small art gallery where we showcase local artists and encourage members of the university community to contribute.  For the centennial, we are highlighting art work that celebrates the University's history.
I've always like the east gate entrance to the main building.  It's tall and elegant and full of windows that reflect the wide open sky.  The spacious walkway in the summer has huge pots of petunias that lead up to the entrance.  This is an exploratory draft of a painting that, if all goes well, I would submit to the gallery in the fall semester for the September celebration.
I really like how the sky is reflected in the windows, and the close up of the flower pot.
Ink and watercolor.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

New Library

Last weekend, I attended the grand re-opening of my local public library branch, also known as my personal library.  It had been a long renovation, and they remained open throughout, but most of the books were in storage for the duration.  If you wanted a paperback you could find it, but if you wanted a particular title, you had to place a hold on it.  Our book club had to meet in  other places, and arrange for our own books.  Sometimes you'd get them in time to read them for the meeting and sometimes not.  There was no place to sit and browse books or magazines.  It was trying times.
But now it's open and it's beautiful.  They expanded the back of the library into the green space.  That back wall is now a curved expanse of windows, with a nice padded seating all around.  This plus a skylight means lots of natural light.  This is me standing in front of the new display shelves.  To the right is a beautiful fireplace, and in front of me are soft, buttery leather chairs. We were offered coffee and cookies.  It was nice to see the staff smiling again.  This is a good use of my tax dollars.