Sunday, May 05, 2013

Spring plantings

Last weekend, I had a little rant about how awful the weather was.  I spent that weekend huddled up with blankets and hot chocolate.  There actually was a small window of opportunity on Saturday morning before the snow and wind started.  We went to our community garden, and dug up the soil and, throwing caution to the blustery winds, we planted a few rows of seeds.  What a difference a week makes! This week the sun came out and this weekend we were out without shoes or socks or jackets.  We sat out on the deck and barbecued for supper and soaked up the sun. I hope the vegetable seeds did the same. Later this week, the weather will return to seasonal temperatures, but for now it felt so good to get a little sun on our pasty white, winter-weary skin.  Nothing makes you appreciate spring like a long, sunless winter.
In a little while, I hope to be harvesting those plants that I can only draw right now.
Watercolor in the HandBook sketchbook.