Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Take my advice

This is my journal page for Advice. It made me think that everyone wants to give you adviceon everything whether they are an expert on the topic or not. Even advertising is all about advice:

- if you invest here, you'll be a billionaire

- if you use this product, you'll live forever

- if you look like this, you'll be successful

The media is always giving us advice on how much to weigh, how to dress, how to entertain, and who to emulate. It must be hard to be a young girl nowadays (and you know you're not young when you use words like "nowadays") when the media promotes role models like Lady Gaga and Gossip Girl as "real".

So "take my advice" and look to our mothers and sisters and aunts for the "real" people to learn from. They're the ones who know right from wrong and can steer us through the minefield of constant advice out there.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sounds I like

This is a departure for me. For a long time I have wanted to do more creative journalling. When I journal I usually just write, but I've started adding drawings to it as well. But I really want to do the kind of illustrated journalling that uses a theme or a concept as the starting point. I joined an art journalling group, and the Creative Ever Day group for inspiration (and also for tips on how to do it). This is my first entry - Sound. I used collage, stickers, and drawing. I'm not sure that I like it and I really struggled with the words - I'm not used to "public" writing, but I think that will come with practice. And I played around with the composition till I nearly drove myself insane, and the cartoon cat is not very successful. But it represents the theme, and I put a lot of work into. It can only get better from here!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

EDM 228 - Summer joy

Many years ago, I planted these irises in the back garden. This year they are spectacular! We had a lot of snow this past winter and they were protected from weather fluctuations by the snow cover. They rewarded us with a wonderful display for the last two weeks. I love the shape of these flowers (although they are a bit challenging to draw) and the gorgeous curves on the buds are wonderful.
They herald the summer for my garden. The day lillies and daisies are also budding out.
Nothing says summer joy for me like the irises welcoming the summer solstice.

Friday, June 19, 2009

EDM 224 - Draw a pitcher

This is a very old coffee carafe that was given to me by my mother. Remember way back when the fashionable colors for every home were "dusty rose and grey"? That's the era this pitcher came from. The days of big hair, big shoulder pads, and big floppy bows on blouses. The only good things that survived from that era are this pitcher and Michael Jackson's Thriller video.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

EDM challenge 127 - Tote bag

A few years ago, I fell and broke some bones. I was off work for a while, and my wonderful co-workers created a care package for me. In this tote bag, they placed gifts such as scented candles, musical relaxation tapes, a book stand, herbal teas, chocolate covered blueberries, and a tiny stuffed polar bear. I was very touched by the gesture and appreciated every one of those gifts. I'm positive that their kindness and compassion contributed to my recovery. And the tote bag itself makes me smile every time I use it.

The pocket in the front has a bit of musical score printed on it. I went to the web and printed it off in light grey, pasted it on the page, and then drew the Chopin bag on top. In case you can't tell, the "p" is a quill pen. The bag is hanging off the back off my patio chair because it is finally nice enough to draw outside.

Friday, June 05, 2009

EDM 225 Draw something sticky

Draw something sticky - yep, this container of molasses certainly is the stickiest thing in my kitchen. I used it to make Anadama Bread for the Bread Baker's Apprentice challenge. Anadama bread has a curious combination of molasses and cornmeal along with regular whole wheat flour. Once I had wrestled this waxed container open by soaking the top in hot water to melt the dried up molassess that had welded it closed, I went ahead and made the bread. But this molasses was far too dark and sweet for this bread, it ended up rather heavy and too molassesy to be considered a real success. It should look like this http://pinchmysalt.com/2009/05/19/bba-challenge-anadama-bread/

The molasses, though, would do well for the EDM challenge. But it's not a real success either. I had a marker that was the exact color of the container - one that had a large nib on one end and a smaller nib on the other. They are supposed to be the same color but clearly the smaller end was darker. It did give me a chance to try out my new white gel pen. It worked well even over black pen. I hesitated over even posting this one, but it was the challenge and I did do it so I will post it.