Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EDM 233 - Your favorite drink

Once again, I couldn't decide. I drew two of my favorite drinks. The morning one which is, of course, coffee. But not just any coffee. The product discription states that it is a "bold, assertive coffee" with a "heady aroma" that comes from "an exclusive blend of the world's finest arabica beans including the very rare Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling". And they allow mere mortals to drink this coffee!
My new favorite evening indulgence is Copper Moon Pinot Grigio wine. These writers are just as enthusiastic about their product. Copper Moon comes by its name because the grapes are "harvested under the light of the moon" and the wine has "a cool fresh taste that captures the mystery of the night itself, its spirited individuality exudes citrus, green apple and melon". Obviously my palate is not sophisticated enough to discern all that! I just thought the label was pretty.
I think I'll read the label descriptions more often. Clearly, I'm not getting the full value of the item through my own devices and I'm not appreciating it as much as I should.


Ann said...

Great post and sketch! I buy wine based on the label design too :-)

bubblemunch said...

Thanks for my blogiversary visit!!

The wine sounds delicious - pinot grigio is a fave of mine too. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Alex said...

Really good post ^^ I was trying to get wine for my future parents in law but I am not a wine appreciator so I didn't know which one to get.. :D So I called my friend and he said Riesling is the type of grapes to get, so I just picked one based on the label design ^^

Alissa said...

mmm... coffee or wine . Difficult to decision to make. I often choose wine by the label, although now all the winemakers are trying to out do themselves with strange names and labels. You have drawn a fun piece with great colours