Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hot summer in the city

This is how you celebrate the end of a hot summer weekend.  Almost every weekend in the summer in my city there is a festival of some kind.  Last weekend was "Taste of Calgary" which is one of my favourites.  Lots of local restaurants get together at Prince's Island on the Bow river and offer small bites of their best dishes and drinks. It was hot and sunny and lots of fun.
We came home and relaxed on our shady deck with a Blue Mojito.
I had my first Blue Mojito on the island of Curacao where they produce the orange flavoured Curacao liquer that makes this drink so beautiful and tasty.  The little sprig of orange mint came from my garden. Summer in the city has been good this year.

Cordelia's Blue Mojito Recipe
Pour some rum into a glass (live large and use good amber rum rather than that harsh white stuff)
Throw 6 mint leaves and half a key lime into the rum.
Muddle or mash together until it smells amazing.
Take out the leaves and lime.
Pour in some Curacao liquer until you have a really pretty blue colour.
Add ice cubes and top off with club soda.
Take it out onto the deck and relax and celebrate how fabulous your life is.
Repeat as needed.


echogo said...

I'll be right over and you can make me one! I like the way you captured the wavey stem of the glass.

Clare said...

Delicious sketch and recipe! Ahh those long hot summer days.....I can't wait.

Unknown said...

I love your way of celebrating!