Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snorkeling at Isla de Ixtapa

Enough whining about the cold.  Nothing ever changes due to whining alone, and besides the weather is much warmer and I like winter now.

This is a sketch I did to remember our times snorkeling at Isla de Ixtapa.  We took the little bus to the marina.  The bus was lots of fun, blaring salsa music, windows (and sometimes doors) wide open, stick shift grinding through the gears.  At the marina, we got onto a little shuttle boat to go over to the island.  Sometimes we got on several boats, changing  from one to the other in open water, for no discernible reason.  There were two beaches on the shore side of the island.  The water was warm and calm and lovely, but due to traffic, there were very few fish.  Walking a short distance across the island led to Playa Coral and this beach was snorkel heaven.  Tons of fish, a small coral reef that was wickedly sharp if the waves nudged you too close.  There were white snappers that liked the shallows and brushed around your shins, little sergeant-majors, yellow and blue tangs, angel fish, and may more that I have not identified.

We claimed a table on the beach under the umbrella and ordered cerveza nestled in an ice filled bucket, accompanied by a dish of limes.  After snorkeling several times, we had lunch.  The first day we had grilled shrimps and rice, the second time we had mahi-mahi, and the third day chips and salsa.  It was very crowded that day so we didn't stay as long.  All three days were wonderful and I'm grateful to have those memories on a cold, snowy day.


Cathy Holtom said...

Very good memories I think, thank you for sharing them with us!

Alex said...

What a cute little sketch to record a wonderful time.

Unknown said...

Nice page!

nanke's stuff said...

Nice page, nice memories, makes me want to go someplace warm ... as I see the weather forecast for Tuesday ... 1 foot of snow on the way! lol nancy