Sunday, November 02, 2008

EDM 192 - Float

This is what the swimming pool looked like the last time I was in it for Deep Water workout class. Usually the pool is divided into three sections. One half of the pool is dedicated to the Cascades swim team. They are young kids who are very enthusiastic and noisily cheer each other on and occasionally break into a spontaneous game of Marco Polo. The other half of the pool has our class at the deep end. We use music and an instructor's encouragement and leadership. The shallow end is used for little kids' individual swimming lessons. It's a very noisy and energetic place. Last week the Cascade kids were on a break and when I came in this lone beachball was floating rather florlornly on the surface. It looked so lonely and sad, and the pool seemed that way too until we came in. Our noise and turbulence made the ball bob up and down a little and it seemed to dance on the surface. It seemed the perfect thing for this challenge.

Watercolor pencil in Moleskine 5"x7".


winna said...

I sure enjoyed this sketch with it's write up---glad you posted it----and it's so true about the water color pencils and the Moleskine paper---I love them !

Luba said...

Looking at this brings back memories of summer. Our pool is closed for the season. Nice sketch!

Timaree said...

I like your idea of the lonely beachball! Good way to show the water.

john.p said...

Great combination of story/graphic. I once had a lap-swimming routine to stay in shape and the other side of the pool was used as you describe. Loved how all ages/shapes get out and exercise.

EWian said...

I like your sketches and your stories they make good blog reading.

I am tagging you. Hope you can play along. Find more details in my blog


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