Monday, November 27, 2006

EDM Challenge Spoon

This was a difficult challenge for me. I have never attempted to paint anything metallic or with reflective surfaces. I've never been sure even how to approach it. But I decided to try it and also to try creating my own grays. I used two - one of blue and orange, and one of green and red mixed on the pallet rather than the paper. They were not very successful, they seemed more brown than gray. I need to play around more with ratios of one color to another. And also practice more with reflective surfaces. It forces you to really look at the shapes and colors on the surface. I guess that's why they call it a "challenge". But mostly I'm pleased with the smooth roundness that I was able to achieve. The shape of the spoon is quite accurate, my drawing is not always so good. But practising nearly every day has improved my skills a lot.

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Alison said...

Oh, well done - this is very convincing - great 3D effect