Monday, October 08, 2012

Painting Parrots

Birds are one of my favorite things to paint.  I also like to paint with bright colours. At the library the other day, they had a display of painting books.  I took one called "Daring Color" by Anne Abgott.  One of the exercises was about mingling colour on the paper instead of glazing one color over top of the other. It sounded like it would be fun, and give a much looser approach than glazing would.  And it was fun, just letting the colour blend and mingle.  It was quicker and freer.  It was the embodiment of the advice to let go of the result and enjoy the process.  I used lots of paint and less water and that gave more control.  I think I'm usually using too much water, which results in blooms, pale colors and too much blending of colours  With thicker paint, there is only a little bleeding and it worked better.
I learned some valuable things in this exercise and I think I will continue to use this technique.
This is a nice, easy book to read and to follow, and I would recommend it.


Stefano said...

very colorful. I like it!

Clare said...

Beautiful colour blending. They are such attractive creatures.

Jennifer Edwards said...

This is terrific Cordelia! I love the bold color and the gesture of the parrot's head.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I love the vibrant colors.