Wednesday, August 27, 2008

EDM 182 - Draw a truck

I don't think I've ever drawn a truck before. I can't even remember ever wanting to draw a truck before. It was cold and rainy so I didn't want to go outside to draw a truck. I googled it - "how to draw a truck". And I got this awesome site on how to draw absolutely everything you could think of . Check it out.
It gives step by step instructions for drawing things. The only drawback, for my purposes anyways, is that it has no backgrounds and doesn't show shadowing. It's strictly line drawing. But it is an excellent learning tool. I softened the corners on the truck and added shadows and the trees from looking out the window at a real truck. There's still no substitute in my mind for the drawing the real thing.
This is Pigma Micron pen in the Aquabee sketchbook (5.5 x 8.5"). And no color!


Jenny said...

Excellent truck! I know they aren't easy to do. The trees in the background are a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

Very nice drawing. I like the hard lines of the truck, softened by the trees in the background.

Anonymous said...

While looking at your drawing, I have this distinct impression that I am looking at a truck (and not a car or a caboose or anything else). Keep on truckin'!

Mark Kwasny said...

Love how you play with different colors, mediums, and styles. Oh the joy of creativity!