Wednesday, April 30, 2008

EDM 80 - Draw something that makes you happy

This is the iPod I got for Christmas. It makes me happy to have all the music at my fingertips whenever I want it. I like the shape and the size and the whole concept of digital music. I walk to work and with the iPod I don't have to make that difficult decision as to which few CDs shall I tuck in the backpack. All the music is there all the time. I can even change my mind in mid-song. One day as I came into the building someone said they had seen me walking and I was smiling. I replied "Leonard Cohen on the iPod makes me happy" and so became the logical choice for this challenge. Usually if asked, I would say that family and friends and a job well done and my health and food on the table and a roof over my head makes me happy. And they do, but they are also darn hard to draw! So I'm gonna face the dark side and admit that sometimes material things do make me happy. I enjoy this toy every day.

And yes, I did buy it a new blue dress and some soft earbuds, but it's just so cute!

This is Staedtler pen and watercolor pencil in the Moleskine sketch journal. I have in the past been unsure if I like the paper color, but the cerulean blue sure shows up and scans better on this color than on the white paper.


MaryO said...

I can see from your drawing that you really mean it when you say this iPod makes you happy. I've enjoyed browsing your other drawings, too. I'll be back!

Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

Congrats on your new ipod! I got one two years ago and it has made my workouts happy, my art time good, and it has allowed me to listen to podcasts of my favorite radio shows without having to waste gas driving around to listen. No bad songs! Never again.

Christie said...

This is a happy sketch -- the earplugs even look like dancing feet!

Pippa * Jeanne said...

Great detail! And LOL, sometimes material things make me happy, too. But it is not even about the iPod, is it? It is really about the upliftment of music ... and music is a powerful thing.

My favourite Leonard Cohen line is: "Ring the bells that still can ring ~ Forget your perfect offering ~ There is a crack in everything ~ That's how the light gets in."