Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Take my advice

This is my journal page for Advice. It made me think that everyone wants to give you adviceon everything whether they are an expert on the topic or not. Even advertising is all about advice:

- if you invest here, you'll be a billionaire

- if you use this product, you'll live forever

- if you look like this, you'll be successful

The media is always giving us advice on how much to weigh, how to dress, how to entertain, and who to emulate. It must be hard to be a young girl nowadays (and you know you're not young when you use words like "nowadays") when the media promotes role models like Lady Gaga and Gossip Girl as "real".

So "take my advice" and look to our mothers and sisters and aunts for the "real" people to learn from. They're the ones who know right from wrong and can steer us through the minefield of constant advice out there.


Vickie A-Morgan said...

Good advice. :) Nice page.

Sally said...

I love those pages.

Leah said...

I love the border you drew around these pages!

caseytoussaint said...

Great post - and so true. I'm realizing more and more that most "experts" don't know more than the rest of us.

Timaree said...

Great advice. I laugh because on Facebook one of nieces (who has a 6 year old daughter) announced her boyfriend flew in for a visit and she was glad she had two bedrooms. Well, her cousin answered with TMI, I said what the heck is TMI to which my son came back and said it's Too Much Info. I came back ans said I agreed it was TMI and WHERE'S THE RING? I'm not sure she appreciated my advice there but if you can publically talk about sex with your boyfriend then you can be handed advice for your future too! Girls don't need the encouragement she got from a couple of her friends. I'm happy to say a friend of hers commented that the family didn't like her statement which is true. Our family said hold on and think a little.

So can you tell I enjoyed seeing your page? I was wondering if I'd gone too far but you've assured me I didn't. Thanks.