Monday, May 11, 2009

EDM 222 - Draw your favorite drawing tool

As usual, I couldn't pick just one thing. I'm still not very good at drawing so I need to start in pencil. (Ever notice how most pencils have erasers on the ends, but "drawing" pencils never do? It perpetuates that myth that talented people never need to erase lines.) The green pencil is a Kimberly HB pencil which is my favorite. Once my pencil drawing is satisfactory, I trace over it using that Pigma Micron pen in the middle. This is my oldest pen, and all the writing on the barrel has been smudged off. Then I add accents sometimes with the Pentel brushpen. While I like the brush pen a lot, it's tricky to use. Making a thin line with it means using very little pressure on the papaer and that betrays any little shakiness in your hand. This sketch was made with the HB pencil, then the micron pen, and the border and the brush pen were done with the brush pens.


Alex said...

nice choice of tools! :) I would survive very well with just these. Nice drawing Cordelia!

EWian said...

Thank you for sharing your "tools"


caseytoussaint said...

I always start in pencil too! Nice tools and wonderful drawings.

DALowe Artist said...

Thank you for your inspiring and encouraging comments on my blog!

I like your drawings very much. My favorite part of your blog is your About Me section. I think we have a lot in common - books, painting, enjoying writing. I most like the way you stated what you love. Simple but confident. Sometimes I think I try too hard. I want to accept the fact that drawing is what I love to do. It doesn't have to be who I am. It doesn't have to be a career; it can be a hobby and that doesn't make it any less important. I want to look at more of your older posts later this evening!
Great blog!

Leah said...

Great drawings!! I love the border you put around them too.