Thursday, April 16, 2009

EDM 219 - Draw a window

This is a drawing of the stained glass windows of our hotel room at the Lodge at Uxmal in Mexico. This was one of the prettiest hotels I've ever been in. The windows in the front and back were like this, and the window in the bathroom door had roses and butterflies. We had the smaller room, the larger ones had orange lillies in their windows. In front of the rooms was a verandah that went the whole length of the building and by each room's door were some wicker rocking chairs. Our verandah faced the pool, with a magnificent view of the Magician's Temple on the Uxmal site. Seriously, the best trip ever!
If you want a virtual tour, click here: Lodge at Uxmal
Pentel brushpens in Aquabee sketchbook.


Alex said...

I've always liked stained glass ^^ And it's nice that you took a snap shot of it with your drawing. :) Nice one!

Leigh said...

Very lovely. Also love all the previous posts. Hope spring comes to you soon!