Thursday, January 08, 2009

EDM 204 - Glass of juice

The glass turned out a little wonky. It's funny how one line that's a little off can put the whole thing off. It's even funnier that you never see that the line is a little off until you do it in permanent ink. Then it sticks out like a sore thumb. I wan't very inspired by this glass of juice - the color seemed a little insipid to me. But when I put the bottle beside it, well then the colors seemed to pop. That has to be the prettiest label on any bottle of juice. So look at the bottle, not at the wonky glass.

I've given a lot of thought to the discussion on the list about art goals for 2009. When looking at my goals for last year, I discovered that a few of them should be "life intentions" rather than a single year's goal. How can I ever say I achieved experimentation or having fun? And if I achieved them in one year, does that mean I can never experience them again? So no goals for this year. Instead here are:

"Some Things that I Intend to Do This Year and Perhaps Forever"

  • Play and experiment with different media, papers, pens, and anything else that seems like it would be fun (in an artisitic sense, I mean)
  • Draw buildings. Urban landscapes are too complicated. Start small - draw a single building or the sign for a strip mall.
  • Do something creative everyday even if it's just drawing a snowman on the whiteboard on my cubicle at work that may make someone smile as they walk by.
  • Do the EDM weekly challenges, and the Creative Every Day monthly challenge, and the vsd monthly challenge.

Awhile ago, I was tagged by EWian from the EDM group who kindly sent me this tag that she made. It beautifully sums up my intentions. (Thanks, EWian!)


Spinneretta said...

The bottle DOES give it a little something doesn't it? I love the colours of this :)

Margaret Ann said...

Nice journalling here...I like the reflections in the glass too...

I want to concetrate a bit on urban things too this year...I like your idea of starting with single buildings or signs...a great idea...I might have to borrow that one a time or two! LOL:)

Mindy said...

great life goals! I, too, have the same attitude. And - I love the work you're doing :-)

Anonymous said...

I think you're absolutely right, the bottle does make that picture doesn't it? You wouldn't think pink and orange could go so well together! It reminds me of those sweets - Fruit Salads. :)

I think you're absolutely right to concentrate on buildings. Apart from whole urban landscapes being complicated, I think it generally makes a more interesting picture to focus on more detail (unless you've got some kind of special feature in the landscape.)

All the best with everything - look forward to seeing more!

bubblemunch said...

Don't worry too much about perspective - think of it as 'altered' not wrong!!
The post impressionists did great things with altered perspective!!

Leah said...

I love your idea of drawing a snowman on the whiteboard to make someone smile!! :-)

WWendi said...

The colors are soooo beautiful and cheerful! Everything really pops. Very nice work. What kind of medium did you use?

EWian said...

Fun illo! I especially like the depth you have in the plum?? the blue thing a least 3 different blues/shades! I know I want a glass of juice!

I wish you all the best in playing and experimenting!