Monday, October 01, 2007

EDM 138 - Soft

There was a hard frost last week and many of the garden plants are frozen. This weekend we cleaned up, tore out dead plants, raked leaves. It's a sad time in a gardener's life. Later when I was doing some shopping I saw this stuffed scarecrow. She looked so bright and cheerful with her denim dress and colorful hat. I thought she would bring some needed freshness to the winter weary garden come November. But she made me think of the things that I like about fall:
the lucent brilliant blue of the prairie sky, that occurs at no other time of year; how the yellow leaves just glow against it; the tang of smoke on the brisk air; warm socks; flannel pajamas; crackling fires; and my favorite thing when I was a child, baked apples made with the tart crisp MacIntosh apples from BC.

So when I saw a full bag of them in my fridge, I knew just how to welcome autumn and begin the season of gratitude. I propped my soft round scarecrow up and drew her, and I made soft sweet baked apples. And then I put on my new flannel jammies.


Nancy said...

Sounds heavenly - each part equally as inviting as the other!

Unknown said...

I love your scarecrow, and you've captured the softness beautifully.

Kate Robertson said...


Thanks for commenting on my lantern, I appreciate it. I have to say in looking at your blog fyou have done some lovely drawings. The scarecrow captured the softness them very nicely.


Jana Bouc said...

I can see your blog is going to become a favorite. Your writing is just as charming as your drawings. I'm a big fan of flannel jammies too. I put them on as soon as I come home from work!

Anonymous said...

I loved your painting and your post.