Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bird on a wire

We are readers at my house.  We have lots of books, and therefore we have lots of bookmarks. Many of our bookmarks have shown up on this blog before. This is one of the newer ones that my beloved brought home this week.  These bookmarks are 3D, and can look a  little freaky if you move your head too fast.  But they really do have a nice 3D effect.  We have one of a snarling black panther, a group of brightly colored geckos (my favourite), a tabby cat with white paws on a fencepost, roly poly panda bears, and these cheerful budgies on woven ropes. I loved that odd one hanging upside down as if eavesdropping on the gossip. There are actually six of them on the bookmark, but I couldn't fit them all on the page. They were a lot of fun to draw.
I used inktense pencils and watercolor in the handbook sketch book.  I like this sketch book, but it does not take a wash very well.  It buckles and pools and streaks.  But I really like the texture of the paper.


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love your illustration of parrots ~ I did parrots to but w/c and a much looser style ~ Divine work ^_^ for CED

Alex said...

cute parrots! :) I like the details