Sunday, March 25, 2012

Inktense angel fish

This sketch is of a juvenile angel fish in the Bay of Ixtapa. We spent many happy hours snorkelling here.  The fish are plentiful and the water is calm and warm.  The adult versions of these fish are bright blue.
I coloured this with the new Inktense water-colour pencils. These pencils are buttery soft and dissolve very easily with the addition of water. Water makes the colours even more intense and vibrant.  I like these pencils a lot.  The down side to this brand is that they are so soft that they don't hold a point so it is hard to get a sharp, thin line.  But the strong colours make up for that.
The paper is Bee paper's Co-mo sketchbook.  I like the texture of it.  It is thin, only 80 lb so won't take a wash of colour without wrinkling badly.  But as a take-along sketchbook, it's the perfect weight and size.  I took the photo with the iPhone in natural light.  No shadows this time, except where the paper had crinkled a bit.


Alex said...

What a pretty little fish :) Really nice designs and colors on its body

Michael Emerald said...

It came out nice. I like the eery blue background. Looks underwater. thanks for posting.
Michael emerald

Ann said...

I love your fish! And the onions below too :-)

kazumiwannabe said...

He's beautiful. Must have been awesome snorkeling and admiring those fish!

Kathleen Walker said...

Fun fish, love the colors, I also love the inktense pencils, the color is amazing after wetting, and dissolves immediately, course the color is ink, not watercolor or paint so I am not sure how well it will hold up over time.

Unknown said... learn something everyday! I didn't know what Kathleen Walker said...that they were made of ink, though I guess it should have been clear! I love the colors! Great fish! I've been wanting a set of these(but it could be a while--the 'wanting' list is quite long!)