Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Clementine for VSD

I painted this from the photo for the last Virtual Sketch Date challenge. I didn't like what I had done at first - it seemed a little dull and uninspired. Then I realized that I had forgotten that I had carefully saved the white pith areas wth masking fluid. Once I removed the masking fluid, it brightened up considerably. I deepened the shadows and got more contrast. I'm still ambivalent about it - I think the shadows are not quite believable. Suggestions and ideas are welcome. Maybe it would look better after a few of these:
The Absolut Ruby Gem
1 1/2 part(s) Absolute Ruby Red Vodka
1 tbsp. Brown sugar
3/4 part(s) Clementine Muddled
3/4 part(s) Cranberries Muddled
Ginger Ale
Shake first four ingredients with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Top with the splash of ginger ale.
Absolut Vodka


Anonymous said...

Hi Cordelia!

Nice painting and clever use of masking fluid! I've lost mine and I'm gutted - I can't find it anywhere! I wonder if it would help to darken the shadows more aroung the base of the orange, - right where it butts up to the orange itself, so that it's lighter further away from the base? Shadows tend to be darkest right underneath things. You might also want to introduce another tone on the orange segments. If it was me I might try adding water, scrubbing it in a little bit with an old brush and then blotting some of the colour away with kitchen paper to get a lighter tone.

Nice work anyway! Now where's my masking fluid? :-)

Quilt knit said...

Yes, deeper blue coming next to the orange and at the base. Also, a deeper orange.

I need more directions on the drink?


Sherrie Roberts

Spinneretta said...

You know what it is- the shading on the orange itself- the base of the orange was quite dark, I think if you darkened THAT you'd see the effect you wanted :) Then as the other Rachel said, darken the shadows underneath too.
I like what you did anyway :)

Rachel P.

caseytoussaint said...

I think the masked areas are very effective. As Rachel said, sometimes another tone close in color adds depth - on the shadows I'd try that too, maybe making darker pools close to the fruit.
It looks really good to me already!

Sarah Ketelaars said...

Great idea to use the masking fluid. i think it's pretty good as it is, but only you know when you're happy with it... love the recipe btw!

EWian said...

Removing the masking fluid always help... Grate colour on the clementine!! The Cranberries Muddled Ginger AleShake sounds like fun!


Kim said...

Ha! Love the drink recipe...what are Cranberries Muddled? Not heard of that before, but I'm not really a drink mixer.

As for your painting, I am too much of a beginner to even suggest. I tell myself to put down one color with one stroke and then "get out!"

I know I had to do the clementine bunches of times before I could really "see" it. What helped me was looking at a small section and painting it...then another small section. (I cut a square out of a Post-It note and stuck it over the image on my computer.)

I love the flower in the post below your me a sense I'm preaching to the choir!

Just lovely.

carin.c said...
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carin.c said...

This is quite a challenging image to take on - I'm not sure I would have tried. I think you did an excellent job! Shadows are tough.