Friday, May 30, 2008

Waking up the Garden

After a long, bleak winter the garden is beginning to wake to the warmth of the sun and the spring rains. Most of the perennials are peeking above ground, but only the intrepid tulips are blooming. They got a big dump of snow on their tender leaves awhile ago, so the leaves are quite twisted and discolored. And then the blooms were threatened by a day of extreme heat. I cut these to spare them and they brightened the kitchen for a week. The pink one has the loveliest green tips and stripes down the center of the petals.

But that was the first step down the slippery slope of Calgary gardening. Even though I knew it was too soon, I could not resist these dahlias. They were so spectacular that I also knew that if I waited for two ore weeks, they would be gone. So the next day I went and got them, and there were only two of the rose ones left. And then of course, they looked so gorgeous and so lonely out there... well, I'm sure you know how this story ends. With me hovering and covering. We did, however wait until today to buy the rest of the annuals. I no sooner got them in the ground, then it began to rain again. Aah, it's good to be in the dirt and the rain. It's where I belong.

"Paradise lost can only be regained by those who remember it" --Andre Hardellet


Kathleen said...

Hi Lynn -Love the Tulips it reminds me of a Picasso -

lyn said...

Delicate tulips, very pretty, something I can't grow. I did get some leaves this year. Sure fun to look around at blogs! Good that Cordelia is brave enough to post! Go cordelia! Thanks for your comment on my blog. (bridge)

Cheryl Connell said...

We are just getting tulips here now in north ontario too! Great drawings and thanks for visiting my blog!


Glitz Ink said...

oh, i loved the colors you used in these! how fun!!